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What is The Enneagram?

The Enneagram system is a widely accepted personality model that offers deep insight into our core driving motivations, opening up exciting possibilities in the prediction and understanding of human behaviour.

The Integrative Enneagram unlocks and supports your journey of self-discovery and uncovers the patterns of behaviour that subconsciously drive and motivate us to behave in certain ways. When we make these motivations conscious, we are able to transcend them and develop richer, more supportive ways of being. Working with this model empowers individuals to take the first step of responsibility for their own behaviours and growth, through a greater understanding of why they act and react the way they do.

The Enneagram is an archetypal framework consisting of nine Types that offer in-depth insight to individuals, groups, and collectives. Consisting of 3 Centers of Intelligence, 9 Enneagram Types, Wings, 27 Subtypes, and more, this model offers a rich map to personal development. It does not box people in but rather opens a pathway to self-discovery and greater personal awareness.

As a framework, it speaks to the journey of integration in a profound way. It is able to uncover the uniqueness of each individual and his or her journey. It does not only reveal what holds an individual back, you can also gain valuable insights into your journey towards strength and liberation, connecting us to our strengths and higher selves.

The Enneagram test is, therefore, a sense-making tool or a framework that enables the development of self-knowledge and meta-awareness.

The most effective, accurate, and comprehensive Enneagram personality test for our users, is the iEQ9 developed by Integrative Enneagram Solutions.

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